Communication Science Introduction Committee (CSI)

Committee Description

The Communication Science Introduction (CSI) Committee is responsible for organising the Faculty Kick-In, including location, activities and all logistics that come with this.

Furthermore, it also organises the structure of the very first day of the Kick-In and will help the new students with finding a do-group and connecting with one another.

Besides this the committee is also responsible for the promotion month (September) as during the first few weeks of the academic year, the other committees are not yet set up. Therefore, this committee takes care of the first three events of the academic year and the promotion of S.A. Communiqué.

Committee Members

  • Lia Reitsema (Chair)
  • Isabel Rechnitzer van der Wielen (Secretary)
  • Marijn de Kooter (Treasurer)
  • Mela Melania
  • Fia Nase (Board Responsible)

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