Communication Science Introduction Committee (CSI)

The CSI Committee organizes the faculty part of the Kick-In, which is usually in the form of a camp. It is formed in the second semester around March. Its members are strongly active during the Kick-In. The CSI committee is also responsible for the promotion month (September) as during the first few weeks of the academic year, the other committees are not yet set up. Therefore, this committee takes care of the first three events of the academic year and the promotion of S.A. Communiqué.

CSI Committee

Julian Beck -
Barbara Chrzescijanska Secretary
Dimitri Herbert -
Julian Lennard Israël Treasurer
Preslava Krasteva -
Twan Lohmeijer Co-Chair
Hannes Neumeister -
Sophie Nijkamp -
Anna Richter Board Representative
Paulina Roters -
Isabella Weytingh Co-Chair

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