​Our valued active members are the students whom take part in a committee and help organize a number of activities. By participating in one or multiple of our committees, you can learn how to professionally deal with a variety of situations, come into contact with a lot of different people from various organizations and gain experience that can be mentioned on your resume. But besides all that seriousness, being an active member is mostly just a plain fun and enjoyable thing to do!

Below you can find a short description of our twenty one committees, each with specific functions. Every function pertains a specific set of roles so tasks can be done efficiently. The four main functions in all committees are:


The chairman/chairwoman has the responsibility of coordinating the meetings. This means preparing agendas beforehand, leading discussions, facilitating decision-making processes within the committees, and keeping track of the work of other members. Additionally, the Chairperson also has a meeting with the Chair of Communiqué twice a year to track the progress of the committee and make sure the activities follow the plan of the study association.


The secretary has the responsibility of handling all the documents pertaining to a committee. This means keeping track of incoming correspondence, making notes during meetings, and sharing these documents within the group.


The treasurer has the responsibility of handling all the finances pertaining to a committee. This means preparing budget plans, P/L accounts, and controlling the in- and outflow of money within the committee. Additionally, the treasurer meets with the Treasurer of Communiqué twice year to track the progress of the finances and make sure the activities follow the financial plan of the association.

General Member

The general member has the responsibility of taking care of tasks given to them by the Chair of the committee, and giving input regarding activities and events. This means taking care of any general action point that needs doing regarding a specific activity. Additionally, members meet once a week with the committee to discuss the progress of the tasks assigned to them and brainstorm about the future of the committee.

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