Tappers pool

Committee Description

The Tappers pool consists of students that will take on the role of tappers during boozes. They will work in close collaboration with the Booze committee but will not necessarily participate in it.

Committee Members

  • Wouter Bruns
  • Barbara Chrzescijanska
  • Ziad Elleithy
  • Marit Hoitinga
  • Irina Kluiters
  • Preslava Krasteva
  • Julie-Marie Krumbeck
  • Amos-Nicola Mercur
  • Dora Iona Morosanu
  • Hannes Neumeister (Board Representative)
  • Sophie Nijkamp
  • Anna Richter
  • Koen Rispens
  • Simone Russchen
  • Frauke Stok
  • Isabella Weytingh
  • Kick ZIjlstra

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