Upcoming Events

Eleven Beers Tour/Elfbierentocht
  • Social
  • All across campus!
Active Members Weekend
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  • Outside Location
BMS Weizen Wednesday
  • Social
  • O&O square
Relaxing with dogs
  • Social
  • O&O square, Ravelijn
Coolture booze - pubquiz karaoke
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  • MBasement

Want to become board of this awesome association?

You are interested in becoming one of the following functions?

- Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Internal Affairs, External Affairs or Educational Affairs

Then send us an application form to boardapplication@communique.utwente.nl​​​​​​​

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Are you a member - if not, SIGN UP HERE - and want to develop yourself even more besides your studies? Become an active member by joining one of our committees! Learn what each committee is about and grow your organisational, design or networking skills! You can join a committee by coming to the Communiqué room and talking with one of the board members!

Check out our committees here!

Your mental health & wellbeing is very improtant to us!

If you are not feeling okay, our wellbeing page is a place for you to find information on where to get help or what to do to in certain situation. It can help you if you are stressed, struggle with, for example, ADHD, or even feel socially unsafe on Campus or in your close surroundings. You can always use the information on this website, also when it is not concerning you, but a person close to you. The site also contains a toolkit by the Student Union that helps you in this exact situation.

Career Opportunities


For students

Are you looking for a part-time job, an internship for your elective space, or are just motivated to move into the professional market? On our Career page, we post all of our vacancies from the UT and our sponsors! Make sure to also join the Opportunity Pool  groupchat and follow us on LinkedIn to not miss any updates on new vacancies or professional events!

Do you have any other career-related questions or suggestions? Then make sure to send an email to externalaffairs@communique.utwente.nl!

For companies

Searching for young and upcoming talents? Want to present yourself and network with students? Then you have come to the right place! Our members are part of the top-rated Communication Science bachelor programme in the Netherlands and are motivated to get to know the professional world. On the Career page you can read more about how a sponsorship is beneficial for you!

Interested? Send an email to externalaffairs@communique.utwente.nl or call us to discuss a possible collaboration!

Discounted books & Free summaries

As a member of Communiqué you can buy books at a discounted price and sell them once you don't need them anymore!

Did you know that Communiqué members also have free access to summaries, written by their fellow students? You can also send in your summaries and get the chance for a nice compensation!

Give Feedback

Want to improve the Communication Science program? There are several ways to give feedback: 1. Join the Feedback committee, 2. Join BMS Input Sessions, 3. Contact one of the board members and tell them your problems so we can give the feedback to the teachers (anonymously)!

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