Online Idea box!

The online idea box! Dear members, do you have a mountain of cool ideas that Communique can transform into reality? Or do you feel like you want to have a say in which idea is selected by the board? Now you can do both! Drop as many cool things as possible, be it online or in real life. Let's see what you got ✔

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New project: The Communique Diary

During these weird times where we spend our time in the house, we challenge you to share your thoughts! 

Video, poem, diary entry, story, song, drawing? Share your emotion with the memebers by sending an email to the board by June. Then we will add your masterpiece to the online diary only available for members. 

In need for inspiration? Check out Sjoerd Steeman, Jacob Colenbrander & Wouter Stoter 's masterpiece! ?

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