The guide to external drinks in MBasement

  • Are you graduating soon?
  • Are you a BMS faculty member?
  • Are you maybe even part of a brother association who loves MBasement more than Abscint and would love to organize a drink there?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to celebrate in MBasement with the help of S.A. Communique!

Not only Communiqué as an association can use the room as a drinking space, but also our members and even other external parties. A common occasion to do this is when a member has graduated and would like to celebrate this with their friends and/or family for instance. Another example is when the faculty would like to organize an end of the module drink. Birthday drinks are of course also very welcome!


The total costs will be invoiced to you approximately 2 months after the drink takes place by the treasurer of S.A. Communiqué. The drinks in the MBasement are priced per bottle or liter with the standard prices. You can choose to have a limited amount such as a maximum of 200 euros or only 1 keg of beer for example. Let the board representative know and also the tappers, so they will announce when you come close to the limit. If you have an unlimited budget, then 2 kegs of beer sound very attractive, right? One other option would be to ask your guests to pay for themselves when they order a drink. This can be done via coins for example. Here is an overview of service fees for booking MBasement. This does NOT include the drink prices.

  • Former Board Members: 20€
  • Active Members (in committee): 35€
  • Normal Members: 50€
  • Other associations/organisations: 75€
  • Faculty: 100€

you can look at when MBasement is still available!

Contact for more information (for example regular beer prices) or if you want to arrange an external drink.


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