The guide to external drinks in MBasement

Are you graduating soon? Or are you a BMS faculty member? Or maybe you are a brother association who loves MBasement more than Abscint and would love to organize a drink there? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to celebrate in MBasement with the help of S.A. Communique!

One thing we want to make people aware of is that not only Communiqué as an association can use the room, but also our members and even other external parties can use this drinking space as well. A common occasion to do this is when a member has graduated and would like to celebrate this with their friends and/or family for instance. Another example is when the faculty would like to organize an end of the module drink.

How to: 

  • Reservation/registration. The board representative which takes care of planning drinks aka the Officer of Drinking Rooms. The board member who will be in charge of planning the drinks will ask you for all the details in order to fill in the registration of the event.  Please keep in mind that the registration for the drink can be made only max. 8 week before, therefore your best bet is to announce the board representative 2 months before you actually plan the drink and discuss with him/her what dates are available. If you come two weeks before with a request for a graduation drink, chances are it won't happen.

  • Tappers. How can you enjoy a perfectly tapped glass of beer if not served by the beloved tappers? All drinks must have 2 tappers for the entire duration of the event. Tappers are trained students, with an IVA certification. Depending on the availability of our tappers, perhaps Communiué can help you with this. Be aware that this will include costs for compensation of the tappers then. If you have friends from other brother study associations which are certified tappers at their association (the association must be from UT and we encourage to find people who are familiar with the rules of tapping in MBasement and Abscint) then that also works! 

  • ERO (Emergency Response Officer). You need an ERO for each 20 persons Or after closing time.. This person will stay sober for the entire night and make sure that everyone stays safe. EROs go through special training and are certified. The main responsibility besides offering first aid help is also alerting the authorities (eg: campus security) in case something goes wrong. You can either ask for an ERO through Communique or from SU. You can also arrange ERO’s yourself, however be aware that this should be an ERO certification of the UT.


The total costs will be invoiced to you approximately 2 month after the drink takes place by the treasurer of S.A. Communiqué. The drinks in the MBasement are either priced per bottle or liter with the standard prices. You can either choose to have a limited amount such as a maximum of 200 euros or only 1 keg of beer for example. Let the board representative know and also the tappers, so they will announce you when you come close to the limit. Or if you have an unlimited budget, then 2 kegs of beer sounds very attractive, right? One other option would be to ask your guests to pay for themselves when they order a drink. This can be done via coins for example.

Want to know more about what are the service costs and regular beer prices at the MBasement? Then drop by or send an email to the board


  • Keep in mind that around 30 people can be at the same time in MBasement comfortably.

  • For outside drinks with the mobitap, discuss the options with the board. 

  •  If you want to use the beamer or order food for your guests, please discuss it beforehand with the board representative and tappers. 

  • The ERO will open the Zilverling door if a guest desires to leave since he/she has a building pass. 

  • Decorations are allowed but you have to place them and take them out yourself

  • Times for drinks can be from 16:00 until 2:00, preferably would be in the evening after 19:00. Weekends are possible as well.

  • Remember that the organization of the drink depends on the  ERO, tappers and schedule availability (if none of the other associations have anything planned with the drinking room). First plan the drink and then make invitations.

  • Always listen to ERO and tappers indications. The tappers will take care of setting up and cleaning besides offering the drinks, however keep in mind that they have to respect the rules (eg. no people behind the bar) in all circumstances.

  • Board members, tappers and EROS are allowed to shut down the drink if things escalate too much. 

  • You can prepare a playlist beforehand and give it to the tappers to play it (spotify is a great option). Remember no people are allowed behind the bar besides the tappers so make sure you chose a good order of songs. Definitely you can make song requests.

  • The outside of MBasement, Educafe, is not reserved therefore it can be used for eating however no glasses (empty or full) are allowed outside the MBasement room. 

  • If you break anything, you pay it. 

For more information contact for more information or if you want to arrange an external drink. 


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