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Get your discounted books here! 

Next to study material from the teachers, you will also use books during your study! Via the link below, you can order your books via WO4YOU, our booksupplier. When you are a member of Communiqué you will receive a discount! Make sure to select the option that you are a member to receive the discount. Here is a quick guide to order them! If you have any questions regarding your booklist, do not hesitate to contact the Officer of Educational Affairs via educationalaffairs@communique.utwente.nl 

How to order:

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. You can change the language in the upper right corner.
  3. Select your study association (Communiqué), study, and quartile (University and Study Association should already be filled in) and click on "View book list".
  4. Select that you are a member and wat to receive a dicount for your books. You can still order books when you are not a member but you won't receive the discount then.
  5. Select the books you want to order. Note: All books that are shown there are mandatory. If you can't find your quartile then there are no books required and the teachers will provide you with the necessary reading material.
  6. If you buy books for the first time create an account and edit your user data, otherwise log in with your email.
  7. Select a payment method.
  8. Place your order and follow the remaining steps.

Order your books here!

Online Library

The University of Twente also offers online version of some books. You can check it out via this link!

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