Social Safety

Do you feel safe?

The UT Social Safety page gives a more detailed overview of what you can do when you feel like your social safety is at risk, or if you have experienced cases of inappropriate behavior or sexual assault.
On this page you can find a quick overview of all the contacts that might be important to you in a situation like this.


  1. To get immediate help on Campus, you can call the security officer under 2222.
  2. You can always get immediate help by contacting the Sexual Assault Centre in Enschede via 0800-0188.

Sexual misconduct

  1. In case of inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment, you can contact one of the confidential advisors listed on this website.
  2. In case of sexual violence, please turn to someone you trust! This may be a family member, a fellow student, a friend, study advisor, CCP, lecturer, safety coordinator, or anyone else (some contacts can be found on the Wellbeing page). Remember that YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!

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