Freshmen Committee

Committee Description

The Freshmen committee focuses on integrating and welcoming the new students into Communiqué. The activities the committee organizes are specifically for freshmen. During these events, students are encouraged to get to know each other, the university and student life. The committee will last for half a year. After that, students from this committee often join the CSI committee to prepare for the next Kick-In.

Committee Members

  • Eva Zeleny (Chairperson)
  • Paula Autmaring Aullana (Secretary)
  • Maudsofia van Vuren (Treasurer)
  • Gerda Pažėraitė
  • Karlijn Zomer
  • Marlena Sztuka
  • Lilith Kolbe
  • Melania Ardelean
  • Fia Nase (Board Representative)

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