Feedback Committee

Committee Description

The COM Feedback Committee is responsible for organizing meetings with students to gain feedback on the Communication Science program. This committee aims to get more information from a student perspective in order to communicate it to the study programme. Issues associated with the study material, lectures, planning and other things related to the study program will be discussed in the meetings. The COM Feedback Committee meets about twice per module and intends to include two students of the first and second year of the bachelor and of the master, and one student of the third year of the bachelor and the pre-master.

Committee Members

  • Eva Zeleny
  • Marijn de Kooter
  • Fia Nase
  • Mathilde van Adrichem
  • Irina Kluiters
  • Senna Claes
  • Anna Richter
  • Hannes Neumeister
  • Sophie Nijkamp
  • Carly Vrielink (Board Representative)

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