Symposium Committee

Committee Description

The Symposium Committee is responsible for organizing the annual symposium, which will take place in the second half of the academic year. The symposium is a big event that takes time and effort to plan, which is why the 28th board decided to keep it as a separate committee and not combine it with the Professionalization Committee. This way, we can ensure that the committee members can solely focus on this event. A theme will be chosen by the committee that fits our study of Communication Science. Furthermore, they will invite guest speakers that will be featured during the symposium to talk about a topic that fits the theme.

Committee Members

  • Preslava Krasteva (Treasurer)
  • Andrea Ros (Chairperson)
  • Barbara Chrzescijanska (Secretary)
  • Aldo Matraku
  • Torben Kohler (Board Representative)

f.l.t.r.: Aldo Matraku, Barbara Chrzescijanska, Andrea Ros, Preslava Krasteva, Torben Kohler

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