Electives during the study

Where the first year of the bachelor gives you a broad basis and the second year of the bachelor gives you a sneak peek on what the subareas involve, the third year consists of the bachelor asssignment, a reflection module and a space for electives. You can fill this space in several ways, for example by following two Elective Modules at the UT, with an internship in the Netherlands or abroad, by studying at another university  in the Netherlands or abroad or by following a pre-master program.

Bachelor Communication Science, Year 3
First SemesterSecond Semester
First QuartileSecond QuartileThird QuartileFourth Quartile
Space for Electives (30 EC)Reflection Module (15 EC)
Bachelor Assignment (15 EC)
See the page on the space for electives of the study. If you have any remarks, please plan an appointment with study advisor Gert Brinkman or internship coordinator Mark Tempelman.


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