Giving Feedback

If you have any feedback, click on the button above and fill in the feedback form, or talk to members of the Educational Feedback Committee (below you can see who to talk to). Your feedback will be send to our officer of educational affairs, who will process it anonymously and than send it through to the teachers. We only use your personal details to inform you about what has happened with your feedback, the educational staff doesn’t get to see this. Below you can find summaries of the feedback of every month.

Educational Feedback Committee

By discussing the feedback from students  in the Educational Feedback Committee (EFC/ former SOCOM), the quality of education can be guaranteed and improved. The EFC has a meeting every month in which we discuss the most important feedback from the different study years and master tracks. Summaries of these meetings and the feedback from the forms will be posted here to keep you updated. 

The educational feedback committee is currently looking for some new members. If you’re a master or premaster student and would like to help improve your educational programme, please send an email to

Evaluation survey

Next to the feedback you can give through the form and the EFC, the educational staff sends a survey to all students at the end of each quartile. In this survey you can review the subjects, projects and assignments you got in the previous quartile. The results of these surveys can be found here for Bachelor students and here for Master and Premaster students.

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