Booze Committee

Committee Description

The Booze Committee handles the organisation of monthly drinks that usually happen at MBasement . The organisation of these boozes normally includes the setting of a theme or game, and deciding when and where the event will take place. Next to these general drinks, organising a cantus is also planned. Additionally, the committee will work closely together with the tappers pool. Together with the board, both committees will also take part in the monthly and yearly cleaning.

Committee Members

  • Dimitri Herbert
  • Preslva Krasteva (Secretary)
  • Amos-Nicola Mercur
  • Hannes Neumeister (Board Representative & Treasurer)
  • Sophie Nijkamp
  • Martijn Postma (Secretary)
  • Robbert Schmeetz
  • Carly Vrielink (Chair)

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