Fitness - Lizayra

Fitness - Lizayra Dassen

Hello! My name is Lizayra, and I am a second year communication student. I will be telling you something about my passion: sports! I love many types of sports, but in general I would love to highlight weight training. Even though the gyms have been closed for a while, I try to keep up with weight training using my own set of dumbbells and weights.

I really enjoy working out like this because it completely takes my mind off other things. I am completely focused on basically dying with a nice song in my ears, and the progress in terms of being able to use heavier weights or the changes I notice in my body are super rewarding! I started training like this (weight/cardio combination) when I was approximately 15 years old, and now at 20 I think I have come quite far! I combine weight training with regular running and soccer training. Especially during the lockdown it has been an amazing way to escape from the daily (study) grind. It makes it easier to get up earlier and I feel more productive during the day. I do hope that the gyms reopen soon, though.

As long as the gyms are closed, I tend to follow YouTube videos from Caroline Girvan, an Irish personal trainer who creates free (!) workout programs. Some days I work out at home, other times when the weather is nice I take all of my stuff to the park and work out in the sun! If you ever feel like joining me, just send a message 😊


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