Welcome to the alumni page of our Study Assocation Communiqué! As an alumnus you have, either just recently or already a while ago, successfully finished the study (Applied) Communication Science. Since 1994, Communiqué is committed to the students of this study. On the one hand, we function as the link between the students and the study by offering feedback possibilities, study books and summaries. On the other hand, Communiqué is organizing countless activities through which members are able to develop themselves both personally and socially; think about the introduction, lectures, symposia, study trips, drinks and parties. Below you will find the different possibilities for alumni.

Reunion possibilities

Communiqué supports its alumni by actively working together with the Communication Science program to make sure alumni can stay in touch with each other. In order to do this, we organize alumni days during our anniversaries on which it’s possible to reunite with each other and to get insights into events that are taking place within the field of Communication.

Alumni and current students

Those studying Communication Science at this moment, might be profiting from the insights and experiences alumni have gained during their career. This way the connection between theory and practice can be made, which is something most of our members find very interesting. Communiqué would love to involve alumni within symposia, lectures and events like network drinks and Meet Your Future. Additional benefit is that alumni can get in touch with talented students. Please contact us if you’re interested!

Alumni as benefactors

As an alumnus, you probably remember how Communiqué made sure that students could develop themselves both during and besides their studies. In order to accomplish this, Communiqué depends on its financial situation. Alumni can support this in the role of a contributor. Such a small contibution can have an enormous positive impact on the possibilities Commmmuniqué has to organize activities for Communication Science students. If you would like to support Communiqué in such a way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

As an alumnus, you can contact Communiqué by sending an e-mail to or by calling us.

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