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Why should you become a member of Communiqué?

Becoming a member of Communiqué has a lot of advantages - like easily meeting new people that you can develop long-lasting connections and friendships with, developing yourself personally, and improving your skills outside of your studies. Here you can see how exactly this happens at Communiqué:

  • Join drinks at our own campus bar MBasement where you can get cheap beer and other cheap drinks!
  • Join fun events for free or at a reduced price (incl. benefits like welcome shots at parties or free lunch at lunch lectures).
  • Become an active member by joining a committee and develop your skills (e.g. design and social media skills in the promotion committee)
    • Being an active member also looks good on your CV and you will even get a certificate.  We also like to thank our active members by organizing a nice exclusive activity ;)
  • Get informed about latest developments in the study and give feedback, in cooperation with lecturers, about the study programme.
  • Order discounted books for all Communication Science modules!
  • Join professional workshops, company visits, a Career Fair, and a Symposium to get better insights into what you can do after your study. This way, you can also widen your professional network!
  • You can always get free coffee and tea in our association room (B105, located on the ground floor of the Cubicus building). We also have discounted snacks!


How to become a member

You can become a member by filling in the form below, or by visiting us in our association room (Cubicus B105) and speaking to a board member. Usually, a membership at Communiqué costs 10 euros per year. However, if you’re already a member of another study association in Enschede, we can offer you a 50% discount on the membership fee! That sounds nice, doesn't it? ;)

Photo Consent

At Communiqué, we like to take nice photos during our events. All these photos are stored on a Google Drive that is solely accessible to the currently constituted board of the Study Association. Besides this, a selection of these photos might get published on the website, in the association room, and on social media channels. If your pictures are to be published on posters and social media, we will from now on additionally ask for your permission in case you are depicted in a recognizable manner. We will, of course, take the photos offline and resign from publishing them on request. By checking the box below, you agree that photos of you are taken and used as described above. Should you, however, NOT want this, please send an email to!

Please be aware that this will lead to an ongoing subscription, so you will have to contact us to cancel it before 1st of October!!

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