About Communiqué

Communiqué is the study association for the bachelor’s programme Communication Science and the master’s programme Communication Studies at the University of Twente. As a student of Communication Science, you will encounter Communiqué along the way. Becoming and being a member of this study association does only have advantages, because we are mainly concerned with your social development, the optimization of your course programme and your career orientation. That makes Communiqué an ideal diving board to jump from if you want to develop yourself alongside your studies.

First and foremost, you can get to know your fellow students through the association. We have our own room in the Cubicus, in which you can relax on the couch before and after lectures or have the most awesome and interesting conversations. For our members, coffee and various flavours of tea are always free, in addition to which we offer a wide range of cheap power food that may come in handy during a day of studying. This crazy fun extends outside of our association room, as we regularly organize chill drinks, parties and other activities.

Secondly, Communiqué forms the link between the students and their course programme. We know exactly which books you will need and sell these in our webshop with a substantial discount. Also, we ensure that your feedback about the course programme has sufficient impact and is heard by the lecturers and staff. They are very much open to all kinds of feedback, so don’t hesitate to fill out the feedback form on our website.

In third place, we help you find your way in the jungle of opportunities that is called our field of work. To support you in your career orientation and development, we organize guest lectures, workshops, seminars, employee-for-a-day initiatives and have a database of vacancies on our website. It makes getting in touch with interesting companies and organizations a lot easier.

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