Jan-Willem Klein-Willink



BLCKBRD – Jan-Willem Klein-Willink – ‘What’s that sound?’

As prospective communication experts we already know that spoken or written words are not the only signs we use to create meaning and understanding within, between or about organizations. While organizations nowadays fully recognize the importance of visual communication for identity expression, the use of sound is often seen as just an element of a certain campaign. Jan-Willem Klein-Willink, owner at BLCKBRD Soundbranding and UT alumnus, knows better and returns to the UT to provide a seminar on Soundbranding.

The more brand identity oriented view held by his new and innovative soundbranding agency is that a consistent use of branded audio across all customer touchpoints will make a brand instantly recognizable and memorable. BLCKBRD works together with brands like Basic-Fit, Ketel One Vodka, Euro Hockey League, LeasePlan, Lotto and Baileys.

More info on Jan-Willem
After graduating from the University of Twente in Industrial Engineering and Management he worked subsequently at Hewlett-Packard, Nike and Heineken. After his career at Heineken he worked in the radio broadcasting industry as director of Arrow Jazz FM and program manager at Digital Radio+. Besides the function he holds as owner at BLCKBRD, he is a visiting professor at the Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) and Radboud University Nijmegen. His hobby and voluntary work also reveals his passion for sound: he is a saxophonist and president of the Loosdrecht Jazz Festival.

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