Daan Muntinga

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Mensch Creative Agency – Daan Muntinga – ‘The brand as an aesthetic whole’

When we asked Ronald Voorn – lecturer Marketing and Advertising Psychology at the University of Twente – if he knew any experts in the field of branding he said: “If you are organizing an symposium on branding, this guy is a must have”. So we are very happy to announce that Daan Muntinga will provide a seminar for STANDOUT. He will share his view on branding based on his 10 years of experience as a researcher at the University of Amsterdam together with his experience as Strategy Director at creative agency Mensch, located in Amsterdam.

More info on Daan
After graduating from the University of Amsterdam in Persuasive Communication, Daan did a PhD in Digital Marketing Communication at the same university. His dissertation explored what determines and motivates Consumers’ Online Brand-Related Activities. After his dissertation he worked as an Assistant Professor in Advertising and Branding where he taught courses in consumer behaviour, strategic brand management, advertising, and social media marketing and published much-cited work in journals such as the International Journal of Advertising and the Journal of advertising. Besides that he authored two books, respectively The Future of Branding (2014) and Brand Metrics that Matter (2017). After a decade of academic work he started working as Strategy Director at Mensch.

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