Standout - Symposium on Branding

Standout - Symposium on Branding


An effective brand strategy gives you a major lead in increasingly competitive markets. But what does ‘branding’ mean, what does it stand for, and how do you create a good branding strategy? That is what you can find out at our Symposium, as today many types of branding exist.

Branding could be focused on communicating a company’s values, but could also be focused on employee recruitment. Branding could be about the image a city wants to portray, but could also include forming a personal identity. Who are you? Who do you want to be? And how do you communicate that? As you can see, many types of branding exist. Every day you face the concept everywhere you look, probably without yourself even noticing. Clear is that branding asks for creativity, as it goes way beyond the logo and layout of a website.

During our Standout symposium, several companies and people will give you a unique insight in the workfield of the branding business as it is right now, something which you would not find in your study program. In the workshops and lectures, many different types of branding will be highlighted and different visions on branding will be discussed, which will be of value if you’re interested in the branding business and all its aspects.

So do you want to get inspired and learn more about different aspects of branding? Come to the Standout symposium on the 29th of May and learn from the best people in the branding business. Get your tickets here and stay tuned to know more about our speakers!


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