December - English Speaking Countries

Hohoho, Santa Claus is back in town! That means a lot of cosiness, fun, food and packages (well at least, if you’ve been a good kid ;) ). This month’s article will be full of crazy habits and recipes that people in English speaking countries have, when Christmas is right around the corner.

First, let’s get an overview of how many countries acknowledge ‘English’ as an official language. There are 74 countries in the world that have English as the one or one of the official languages. These countries are mainly located in North-America, East-Europe, South- Asia, Australia and Africa. As there are too many countries to discuss in one article, I will take one country of each continent.
Starting with the closest English speaking country: England. In this country it is usual not to post your letters to Santa by mail, but to let them fly upwards in the chimney by using the heat of the fire. There is only one condition, namely if your letter gets burned by the fire,
you must write it again.
In Australia they have a warm and sunny Christmas, since it is summertime around December. For the diehards in this country it is their tradition to go surfing in a Santa suit. So, when it’s Christmastime the beaches of Australia will be filled with Santa’s! This tradition also is committed to charities, so next to a lot of fun, it is also focussed on good will.

Also Sri Lanka is filled with Santa’s around Christmas, and the whole village will be covered in Christmas decorations. In restaurants the food will be prepared by Santa’s and you can eat while enjoying the singing of choirs. Everything is in Christmas style, even their breakfast will be extremely Christmassy.

A lot of British traditions were taken with to Africa, but the Africans adjusted those traditions to their culture. In South-Africa nobody sets up a Christmas tree, but don’t worry the Christmas vibes will still be present, as there will be other Christmas decorations and songs everywhere. Even if the weather is hot and it’s above 30 degrees outside, ‘Let it snow’ will still come out of the speakers.  

For the next one, I do think this one is the cutest Christmas tradition, it is the mistletoe! Even though it is from original an Celtic and Germanic tradition, nowadays this one gets executed a lot in the United States and in the United Kingdom. So the idea of the mistletoe tradition is the people who stand under a mistletoe have to kiss. Why? Because the mistletoe is a symbol for peace and for love. The original tradition was that one has to pick a berry from the mistletoe, when all the berries were picked then there was no more to be kissed. Nowadays it doesn’t matter anymore how many berries are left. Just spread the love!

What is your favourite Christmas tradition? Leave it in the comments below!


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