Hitchhike to Antwerp


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Apr 13, 2019, 9:00:00 AM
Apr 14, 2019, 12:00:00 PM

Hitchhike to Antwerp

With the first edition of the Communiqué Hitchhike already being 2 years ago its time to bring new life in the event and organize the second edition! This year, 15 couples of adventurers take on the challenge to Hitchhike far away from home. This year we will be revisiting the beautiful city of historical buildings, that loves music and where you can go crazy with the locals. Antwerp will again be serving as the promised land filled with Belgium waffles, fries and most importantly the finest beers. We will leave on the 13th of April, at 9 am in the morning to make sure everyone arrives during the day and there is still enough time left for people to explore the city. 

For this trip, it is important to be in teams of two which can consist either out of a boy and a girl or two boys. Because of safety reasons, teams of two girls will not be allowed to join! So girls, get yourself a man that treats you right and like the princess you are. For the boys, you can also be with another man (no homo). 

The price for this event is around 25 euros which would include a night in the hostel in Antwerp and a train ride back to Roosendaal in the Netherlands from which everyone then can get home themselves. 

To sign up, one of the couples signs up on the website and lists in the comments with whom he/she is going to team up with. The deadline for signing up is on the 1st of April!



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