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Board 2018-2019
Date and time
Dec 19, 2018 18:00 - 00:00

Study Evening

Having trouble finding a quiet place to focus on your study and get stuff done? Make sure to join in for the Study Evening and get a chance to work on Project, learn for an exam or finish your assignments.Additionally, there will be people walking around who can help you study for courses like; Theory, Research Methods and Skills as well if you have any questions for them.

If you want to eat here, communique offers to order pizza for you if you sign up on the website. Make sure to include your preference on what pizza you would want in the description so we know what to order and sign up on time as well. We'll charge you 5 euros for the pizza so no reason to skip out on this evening. 




  • Pizza Margherita (Tomato sauce, cheese and spices) 
  • Pizza Mozzerella (Tomato sauce, cheese and mozzarella)
  • Pizza Cipolla (Tomato sauce, cheese and onions)
  • Pizza Funghi (Tomato sauce, cheese and mushrooms)
  • Pizza Salami (Tomato sauce, cheese and salami)
  • Pizza Prosciutto (Tomato sauce, cheese and ham)
  • Pizza Americano (Tomato sauce, cheese and spicy sausage)
  • Pizza Peperoni (Tomato sauce, cheese, bell pepper and Cujuk spicy sausage)
  • Pizza Napolitana (Tomato sauce, cheese and anchovy)
  • Pizza Romana (Tomato sauce, cheese and artichokes)
  • Pizza Vegetariano (Tomato sauce, cheese, paprika, artichokes, onions and olives)
  • Pizza Hawaï (Tomato sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple)
  • Pizza Quattro Stagioni (Tomato sauce, cheese, paprika, mushroom, salami and pineapple)
  • Pizza Frutti Di Mare (Tomato sauce, cheese, shrimps and tuna)
  • Pizza Tonno (Tomato sauce, cheese, onions and tuna)
  • Pizza Gorgonzola (Tomato sauce, cheese and gorgonzola)
  • Pizza Quattro Formaggio (Tomato sauce, cheese, gorgonzola, mozzarella and bel paese) 
  • Pizza Michelangelo (Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, ham, salami and olives)
  • Pizza Leonardo (Tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms,  ham, paprika and onions)
  • Pizza Donatello (Tomato sauce, cheese, mushroom, paprika, onion and spanish peppers)
  • Pizza Raphael (Tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, onion and olives)
  • Pizza Splinter (Tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple, tomato, mozzarella and garlic)
  • Pizza Shredder (Tomato sauce, cheese, turkey ham and salami)
  • Pizza Pollo (Tomato sauce, cheese, paprika, onion and chicken)
  • Pizza April (Tomato sauce, cheese, turkey ham, cheese, pineapple, mozzarella and garlic)
  • Pizza Krang (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and turkey ham)
  • Pizza Honeycutt (Tomato sauce, salami and rocket salad)
  • Pizza Rahzar (Mozzarella and fresh spinach)
  • Pizza Bebop (Tomato sauce, mozzarella, turkey ham, salami, mushrooms and artichokes)
  • Pizza Tokka (Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, paprika, onion and mushrooms)
  • Pizza Shoarma (Tomato sauce, cheese and lamb meat)
  • Pizza Döner (Tomato sauce, cheese and döner meat)


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