MGMA: Mid-year General Members Assembly


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Board 2021-2022
Date and time
Mar 10, 2022 19:00 - 00:00
B209, Cubicus

MGMA: Mid-year General Members Assembly

Do you want to know how the 27th Board of Communiqué is doing with their plans? Do you want to share your opinions and let your voice be heard? Then, join the Mid-Year General Members Assembly (GMA) of this year!

We will discuss our Interim reports to reflect on the past months. Below, you can read the Secretarial Interim Report with all the descriptions regarding our progress from the Policy Plan.
You can also find the minutes of the last GMA here, and because these documents are quite lenghty, we made a Too Long Didn't Read. This is a summary of 2 pages about the progress. 

Even extra fun is that during the MGMA we will have some free pizza and snacks for you, so you should definitely join! (And don't be scared if you do not fully understand what an MGMA means, we will all explain it there and it will just be a fun evening!) 

See you there! 

If you can't be there, but would like to authorise someone else to vote for you, please send an email to


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