CV + Cover letter workshop

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Professionalization Committee
Date and time
Nov 23, 2022 12:45 - 13:45
CU C238

CV + Cover letter workshop

Are you currently looking for a job, are about to apply for an internship next year, or are just looking to improve your CV and cover letter? Then our upcoming lunch lecture on next Wednesday is the right thing for you! The lecture will be held by Integrand who will be showing you what needs to be on your resume and will provide you with tips and tricks so you can ace your next job application!

Of course, free lunch will also be included so go sign up NOW and also send in your CV + a cover letter so it can be checked during the lecture by Integrand's experts (send to!

When? Wed, 23.11 | 12:45-13:45
Where? CU C238
Who? Integrand


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