Constitution Drink Communiqué

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Board 2018-2019
Date and time
Sep 24, 2019 16:00 - 19:00

Constitution Drink Communiqué

You wanna get free drinks, have a good company and a 'gezellig' evening with a lot of other students from different studies? You want to get your clothes as dirty as possible and as wet as possible? Well, then join our Constitution Drink of Communiqué! It is only held once in a year and meant to celebrate traditionally the new Board of Communiqué. Therefore, the 25th Board of Communiqué highly invites you to their Cobo. Join and make this event unforgettable. 

You still unsure to join because you have no clue what a Cobo is? No worries, let us explain it to you.

A Cobo is a traditional event where the new board of a Study association gets celebrated and socially acknowledged. Also, at the drinks (FREE!), the given Board gets gratulations from other current Boards from different Study associations. At a Cobo, the Board members can also get brassed. By that is meant, that other Board members from other associations will try to steal the celebrated Board members, or at least try to steal something from there association. Of course, it is meant as a funny and respectful game, where no one gets harmed! In order to not have that happen, the so-called Pedelas are protecting the celebrated Board members (the 25th Board of Communiqué for example) by heart. They will try to get no other Board members near to them. 

Still not sure? Maybe we did not mention it enough but again, there are free drinks waiting for you! 

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