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22 - 23 Apr 2021


Do you need a new reason to get rid of those coronakilos or have you picked up running as a (corona)hobby? Then sign up for the Batavierenrace! The Batavierenrace is the biggest relay race in the world and is normally joined by around 8500 students! Here is the best part: S.A. Communiqué is joining with a team again this year, hosted by the sport committee! 

Information can be found on the website of the Batavierenrace, simplified it will work like this:

  • As a group, the Communiqué team has to run 125 km in total.
  • Each runner decides themselves what distance they are going to run (with a minimum of 5 km), you can fill this in a comment box when you sign up.
  • Each runner can submit one distance and this distance has to be run in 1 session.
  • The running session must take place either on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th, it does not matter at what time a person runs.
  • After running, simply sending a screenshot from some running app as proof is enough.




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