Sinterklaas and Christmas

For me Christmas in Bulgaria, was always on the 25th of December and that is the exact day when I received my presents. This is why when I found out that Dutch people have something else that is not the Christmas I knew, I most certainly got very curious about their traditions for this holiday. I searched the whole internet about it, I asked my friends and colleagues. What I found out left me shocked to my veeeery core. The Dutchies have something called Sinterklaas. They celebrate it on the 5th of December with some good chocolate and some presents. Yes, they get their presents 20 days earlier than the rest of us. Also on this day they eat some really good things like pepernoot and banketletter (letter cake). The banketletters are made in the shape of the first letter of your name. Isn’t that cool?  Furthermore, if you are fan of some family games and fun moments, this is your happy day! The most interesting games are played and you get to shine victorious! And if that didn’t make you want to spend the begging of December in the Netherlands! 

Now the question is what Dutch people do on the 25th of December. This is a pretty quiet evening, when the whole family is together around the table eating amazingly delicious dishes. I heard that often there is a “Sunday school” in the church. There you can hear some interesting traditional stories and some additional chocolate. Mmm yummy!

In short, Sinterklaas is really interesting and exciting holiday, which you don’t want to miss. The chocolate letters are everywhere, even on Campus, where the logo of our university was magically transformed in banketletters. Amazing, right?


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