King-Willem Alexander opens the UT TechMed

Grand opening of the new UT TechMed centre
with special guest King-Willem Alexander

The University of Twente can expect a royal visitor at the 29 th of November 2019, as
Majesty King Willem-Allexander will pay our university a visit to open the new
Technical Medical Centre, short TechMed Centre, on campus.
According to Jochem Vreeman, who is handling press relations for the University of Twente,
it is confirmed that King Willem-Alexander will attend the grand opening of the TechMed
centre. The date of the 29 th of November 2019 was not chosen randomly but to have the
opening on the occasion of the university’s 58 th anniversary. Moreover, it is planned to give
King Willem-Alexander a tour provided by students throughout the brand-new facility, which
especially focuses on combining social science with a technical touch.
The renovation of Technohal to house the TechMed centre already started in 2018 and was
finally finished on the 11 th of April in 2019. The first opening was only celebrated with the
contractor, construction companies, the user group of the TechMed Centre plus colleagues
of the campus and facility management service department. While renovating the building
the constructors especially tried to keep the industrial character of the original Technohal,
which was for example done by keeping cranes on the ceiling. Even though the renovations
were finished in April, the new building is officially in use since the 2 nd of September 2019.
The new TechMed Centre will be home to more than 1500 students completing bachelor and
master programmes, who will be supervised by 400 members of the scientific staff.
Moreover, the main goal of the brand-new facility is to combine technical parts with social
science and to have an impact on healthcare by conducting research, develop innovations
and offer the possibly best educational programmes. Therefore, highly developed equipment
is offered, which includes research labs, preclinical testbeds and even simulated hospital
environments to prepare the students as good as possible for real-life situations. In the future
it is planned to have intense cooperation with clinical hospitals, the government and
insurance agencies. This is done in order to develop new solutions in healthcare and gather
more acceptance for the implementation of technology in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare is not a new topic for the University of Twente, as 40% of the UT’s funded
scientific projects are focussed on healthcare and even half of the recent spin-off companies
are dedicated to this topic. Thus, we can expect great future healthcare solutions from the
new TechMed centre.


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