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It is not a topic that has just started yesterday, transgender people (people who cannot or not fully associate with sex through outward and inward gender characteristics) have long struggled as well as homosexual for equality.


On 2 November 2019, during the winter pride walk, the city of Almere opened the world's first transgender Crosswalk. This Crosswalk has the colors pink for girls, blue for boys and white for those who do not want to associate with either one sex or the other. The Social Democratic decent Jerzy Soetekouw justify this crosswalk with the words "In Almere, everyone can be as he wants" they want to show with this action and a crosswalk for the LGTB COMMUNITY in rainbow colors the transgender that they are supported. Both were opened by Alderman Jerzy Soetekouw, Micha Druiven Candy Cotton Candy and students of Arte College, after the Pride Walk, between the Hospital and College Windesheim.

The opinions on social media are shared. There is one user who says that the drawers think it is even more intense, or that the money should be better spent anywhere else. A user wrote "It's a joke. I thought they (transgender people) wanted to be treated like everyone else. " Of course, many also gave positive feedback "that was in dire need in Almere" or, "I think it's cool" wrote different users.

The city spokesman Paul Andriessen explains the action to the less enthusiastic people with the words, "In our city, everyone can be themselves and fall in love with everyone he falls in love with." "With such a crossing in front of a hospital, the community is an important one Signal from Anyone can be himself, "he explains, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The question that arises now, when will other countries follow suit?


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