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Study association Communiqué is the study association for Communication Science & Studies at the University of Twente in Enschede. The association has 300 members of which about 150 are master students who are enrolled in one of our master programmes: Marketing Communication, Corporate Communication or Technical Communication. The bachelor Communication Science is famous for its focus on communication from an organisational context. Next to this, Communication Science students at the University of Twente differ from other Communication Science students because their schematic approach in examining and solving communication-related problems. The theory that the students will be given is, during the study program, also applied to problems in practice.

The association is committed to organizing activities related to study and career as well as informal activities. As our association room is located in the building of our faculty, we are much in contact with our members. As an association it is important to us that students can develop themselves on a personal level and that they can develop their skills so that students are ready for their future field of work. Since our students study communication in an organizational context, they're able to do an internship in which the communication problems within your company can be examined. As a company, you can offer internship and vacancies to reach your potential employees.


As a study association we're oftentimes working on creating collaborations with companies with which we can work together on a substantive and financial level. To get an overview of possible promotion possibilities among students Communication Science & Studies, you can consult our collaboration specification. Below you'll find a short overview of the possibilities.

Online & printed

  • Publishing a business profile of job offer on our website
  • Publishing a banner with link on the front page of our website
  • Publishing a message through the Facebook and/or LinkedIn of Communiqué
  • Publishing a logo or a short article in the newsletter
  • Sending an e-mail to the students of Communication Science & Studies

Activity & representation

  • Placing the logo of your business on all promotional expressions for an event
  • Placing flyers, merchandise articles and posters in the association room
  • Advertising on the 32 inch flatscreen in the association room
  • Adding flyers and merchandise articles to the introductory package
  • Adding a job offer to the lecture talk to our students before their lecture.


  • Offering lectures and workshops
  • Offering an excursion

Are you interested?

With the help of ideas from both sides, we can put a promotional package together with several possibilities that suit the goals of your company. 

Email: externalaffairs@communique.utwente.nl

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