TRIMM is a full-service internet agency with headquarters in the Netherlands. Established in 1993, TRIMM has been pioneering and crafting the internet for over 25 years, becoming a true digital partner for multinationals. We craft effective and beautiful digital solutions that add value to your business. Over 110 driven professionals strive to forge meaningful connections between you and your clients, your clients and their customers and all the devices they interact with.

With domestic and international clients like PhilipsPentairTwente UniversityLiberty Global and Nexperia, TRIMM develops and designs online experiences, complex digital platforms, and supports in making them successful. 


Adwise is the digital ‘third half’ of your organisation’s brain. We will keep your company continually ahead of the game by reaching and then exceeding your online business ambitions. Adwise can provide you with the power of innovation, the expertise, the people, the enthusiasm and a down-to-earth mentality that will ensure your investments directly and cohesively drive your business ambitions and dreams. We are an online specialist offering a full range of digital business development services, from strategy, marketing, development and optimisation to training and the deployment of on-site professionals.


Intractives is revolutionizing industries. Every day thousands of professionals around the world rely on our products to make informed commercial decisions, meet, network and communicate.

Our platforms help companies, governments, organizations and industries to operate more productively and to respond quicker to opportunities and dangers.

Our current projects are in environmental industries, mainly recycling. We run the biggest online platform for real-time metal pricing on the West European mainland (and abroad) and a revolutionary global business platform, the biggest online recycling get-together, that allows online networking and business for professionals in this industry.

The two key factors in our company are creativity and technology. We create innovative products based on state of the art software development.


First people, then technology

Even though Nedap is a technology company at heart, our strength is that we always put people first. ‘First people, then technology’ is what we call it. We do so by observing people – and what they need to perform better – before we start developing technology.

We observe. We create. We scale.

At Nedap, design and technology work closely together to meet people’s professional needs. We create elegant solutions that are easy to use and beautiful to look at. These solutions enable interactive shopping experiences from Adidas to H&M, and provide security for major landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Khalifa. We help farmers take care of their livestock and even find you a place to park your car in Amsterdam.

People. Culture. Leadership.

‘First people, then technology’ does not only apply to the markets in which we operate, it also applies to our own organization. We invest in developing talent. At our beautiful campus in Groenlo we challenge ‘Nedappers’ to realize their ideas and ambitions and to achieve more than they could ever imagine. At Nedap, you are challenged to take the lead from day one.

Are you ready to take the lead and unleash your potential? Meet Nedap. 

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