UT-related vacancies

UT-related vacancies

Dutch-speaking student assistant position available!

On the website since: 24-11-2020

The Design Production and Management department connected to the Engineering Technology faculty, to be more precised Armaǧan Karahanoǧlu and Deǧer Özkaramanlı are working on a paper for which a Dutch-speaking student assistant from the BMS faculty is needed. To help with transcribing two online videos (of 4 hours each, in Dutch) and to read over the translated version to check for errors.

An interest in qualitative data analysis is a plus for this job. Please contact Deǧer Özkaramanlı if you are interested.

SensUs student competition

On the website since: 20-11-2020

Experts think that the next pandemic is likely to be caused by the virus Influenza. This virus is similar to COVID-19 in terms of molecule size and characteristics. The University of Twente competed in the SensUs international biosensing competition last year for the first time. This resulted in the creation of the UT+ team, which is supported by the Institute for Nanotechnology MESA+. This year the challenge is to detect Influenza directly on saliva. Such a biosensor would be very helpful to contain a future pandemic and save people of more lockdowns. The problem is indeed timely and exciting. Will you take the challenge? Join a multidisciplinary team to develop a state of the art biosensor and help to save the world from the next pandemic! And get 15 ECTS credits! We are recruiting a team of students with mixed skills to compete at the highest level. Interested? For further info and discussions email Pep Canyelles Pericàs at j.canyellespericas@utwente.nl.

Student assistant position available!

On the website since: 02-11-2020

In January 2020 we organized Alice & Eve: A celebration of women in computing that highlighted the role and contributions of women in the field of computer science. The event consisted of a conference, and an exhibition (with accompanying booklet) which portrays 25 women, from the Netherlands and abroad, that highlight the prominent role and contributions of women to computer science. See https://fmt.ewi.utwente.nl/events/aliceandeve2020/.

We plan to make a digital version of the exhibition. Such a digital version of the exhibition offers additional channels, content and audience to communicate our message.

We are looking for a student assistant e.g. in communication sciences that can help us to encourage people to actually visit the digital exhibition.

In particular, we plan a rich campaign via a social media, through podcasts and videos on appropriate channels. Concretely, we envision that this student assistant would do the following:

  • make a detailed communication plan, identifying suitable formats and channels of communication (e.g., Spotify, YouTube, ...)
  • implement the communication plan, for example by regularly creating and posting snippets (videos/podcasts) of the exhibition via the identified channels
  • closely collaborate with the communication departments at the universities involved in setting up the exhibition (Twente, Eindhoven, Delft)


Start of the project in December, creating communication plan

January: launch of the campaign

February – June: Every month we do

  • 2 videos
  • 2 podcasts
  • Social media posts

covering women in current exhibition, development on the digital exhibition (mock ups, designs, opening of exhibition)

Are you interested? We look forward to meeting you soon. Please send your application to Alma Schaafstal (a.m.schaafstal@utwente.nl), before NOVEMBER 15.


On the website since: 19-10-2020

Dear students,

Are you looking for an experience outside of your studies and make an impact in the world? Then an experience with AIESEC may be perfect for you! AIESEC is an international youth-led organization, present in 127 countries. We are striving to develop leadership in you!

We have different programs for which you can sign up. The programs include:

  • Global Talent – a professional internship abroad. It is an amazing opportunity to gain practical experience within a company abroad outside of your studies. From 9 weeks on, the internship is paid with a salary. For shorter internships, the accommodation is provided by the company but there is no salary included. It may vary from 6-78 weeks and is present in fields like Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, IT, and Engineering.
  • Global Volunteer – want to make a social impact on the world while gaining cross-cultural understanding? Global Volunteer is for you! You will work with for example, governmental institutions, schools, non-profit organizations or NGOs. It takes 6-12 weeks, and accommodation is often included.

Gained interest in one of these projects, or want to know more about one of our National Programs? Contact us at twente@aiesec.nl or sign up at https://auth.aiesec.org/users/sign_in?country=The+Netherlands .

Hope to hear from you soon!

Fraunhofer Project Center (FEST)

On the website since: 01-09-2020


FEST is a student team of the Fraunhofer Project Center (FPC) at University of Twente. FPC The focus of the Fraunhofer Project Center  is to transfer current research in advanced manufacturing directly into industrial practice. FEST stands for Fraunhofer project center (FPC) Expertise Student Team. FEST aims to support companies to attract new talent, starting with companies close to the University of Twente.

Problem definition:

As students (both local and international) from the University of Twente graduate, they leave the Twente region which has led to a decline in the skill workforce for this region. There could be multiple reasons as to why. One of them would be to seek work opportunities. Currently the university does not have a structured program that connects students to industries in the region whether it is through internship placement or industry projects.

FEST aims to provide a better system that connects students to local companies, through the process of carrying out projects than is currently available in UT. While exploring the possibility of connecting with students and companies through an online platform, user testing, data collection and processing is needed.

What is the scope of the assignment:

Internal research on the possible value creation of student and company connection can only go so far in validating a project. It is crucial to get real life data on the value creation possibilities for students as well as companies. There is also a need to collect and process data in real time in order to facilitate the proper matching of student to company and vice versa.

The bachelor assignment is following preliminary research on the possible value creation of an online platform. The student will need to detail possible antecedents necessary for data interpretation of user profiles for matching appropriate students to companies and vice versa:

  • A platform is being developed that requires a method of data entry from students and companies like that of a questionnaire. The student will build on the theory behind the questions and a UI (user interface) designer will collaborate on the design of the layout (what will be seen by users of the platform).
  • A validation is required for the proposed antecedents of the value creation in a student and company matching.

What we ask from the student:

To develop, implement and evaluate a method of data entry and processing for the appropriate matching of student and company based on shared values.

  • Create a strategy for testing the value antecedents from the prior research by FEST
  • Develop the methodology behind a data entry tool. This tool will be used for matching students and companies
  • Use research about working types/styles for student profiles.
  • Meet with and work along other researchers of this project to co-design a user interface for the platform.
  • Meet with company representatives and students to explore the target group’s needs.
  • Outline recommendations for the implementation of the data processing in the platform.
  • Create a final report deliverable .

The Student:

  • Open to collaboration with others and want to learn how to express your ideas to a multidisciplinary team.
  • Interested in data gathering/ processing
  • Interested in customer communication
  • Proactive and deadline oriented.
  • Has great communication skills in English and/or Dutch.

For more information about this assignment you can contact Azlina Azman, of the Fraunhofer Project Center by emailing a.azman@utwente.nl

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