Are you looking for an internship? is it part of your studies? Or do you just want to gain work experience and wonder what kind of employer suits you? Integrand specializes in helping students with the ideal internship. The word internship includes both internship internships and graduate internships and we also offer working studentships!

The focus at Integrand is on internship mediation, where we support you throughout the entire application process! For example, we give you tips and tricks when you are going to write a motivation letter for a vacancy, we improve it where possible when you have finished it and we prepare you for your interview. See our entire process towards finding an internship by scrolling down our step-by-step plan! Ready for your perfect internship?

Check all vacancies at Integrand. From working student in finance, recruitment, or IT to trainee in marketing, HR, or sales, we find what you are looking for. The stage is yours!

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