S. A. Communiqué consists of 300+ members ranging from 25+ nationalities, in which roughly 50% are Bachelor students and 50% Master students. The Bachelor course is renowned for its focus on communication from an organizational perspective, whereas the Master students can follow different tracks, namely: Marketing, Corporate, or Technical communication. Furthermore, Communication Science at the University of Twente differ from courses at other universities due to their schematic, technical approach in examining and solving communication-related problems.


As a study association, we are often working towards creating collaborations and developing professional relationships with organizations whom we believe can be beneficial for both parties, on both a substantive and a financial level. To get an overview of possible promotion possibilities among our students, you can consult our collaboration specifications. Below you can find a short overview of the possibilities.


  • Placing vacancies on Communiqués digital database
  • Placing vacancies on Communiqué’s bulletin board


  • Posting an article about your company/vacancy on Communiqué’s website
  • Posting your company’s link & logo on Communiqué’s website
  • Posting a message on Communiqué’s Facebook and Linked-In pages

Direct Communication

  • Posting an article about your company on Communique’s monthly newsletter
  • Introducing a vacancy during a lecture talk


  • Offering Guest Lectures
  • Offering Workshops
  • Offering an Excursion

By working together, we can create promotional package with several possibilities that best suit the needs and goals of your organization and ours.

Are you interested? Then contact us via externalaffairs@communique.utwente.nl

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