The Educational Feedback Committee

The Educational Feedback Committee (EFC) is responsible for the communication between students and the educational staff. Students are able to ask and place comments at this consultative organ about the study Communication Science. Members of the committee will have discussions with students from their study year every module. During these discussions the module will be evaluated regarding the following subjects: lectures, teachers, planning, examination, ratings and other affairs. This feedback will be discussed at the monthly meeting between the educational staff, two students from every year and the Officer of Educational Affairs. On the basis of this meeting, the quality of the study program can be guarded and improved.

The committee members for the year 2017-2018:

  • Kim Böttcher
  • Jana Bergmann
  • Daniëlle Philipps
  • Jip Lukkien
  • Jan Jesko Mantey
  • Vera Korblet
  • Luka Koning

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