Promotion committee

The editorial office is renamed to the Promotion Committee because we believe this name reflects the tasks better and sounds more appealing for members to join since it relates more to the study. The promotion committee will assist the board in promoting various aspects of the association, like its activities, its committees and the association as a whole. This can be done by making posts for social media and the website, as well as designing posters or banners or generating engagement in other ways, like the (online) competition. This way, we can also engage creative students among the study more.

Promotion Committee

Laura Hartung Part-Time Member
Marit Hoitinga Chair
Hannes Neumeister Secretary
Martijn Postma Part-Time Member
Jeanine Roehr Part-Time Member
Marie Schiffer -
Lina Schneuing Part-Time Member
Wouter Stoter Board Representative
Amber Wagenmaker Part-Time Member

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