Almanac Committee

This committee is responsible for the almanac of S.v. Communiqué. Each almanac has a theme, which the Almanac Committee comes up with. To fill the almanac, the committee will contact different people to write a page. Think of other study associations, student associations, educational staff or even other students. Everyone writes a page to fill the almanac with different stories of the year, with Communiqué or anything they want to write about!

As soon as all the content is collected, the committee will think of the lay-out of the almanac. All different stories will be put together to form the almanac for 2017-2018! When ready, the book is send to the printing company. The printed copies will be shared via Communiqué and are available for every member.

Are you interested in participating in this committee? Send an e-mail to internalaffairs@communique.utwente.

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