May - Mediterranean Europe

Athens 2019

In February the traditional Europe trip of S.A. Communique took place, after many different destinations the last few years, this year we travelled to Athens. One of the most historic cities in the world and the place we called Communiques “home” for six days.

After an adventurous train ride to Eindhoven, where we only had a couple of minutes to switch trains, we managed to arrive at the airport. After some confusion about the duration of the flight, because of the time change, we managed reach Athens, the city of democracy.

The first full day we met a lovely local who showed us around the most important old buildings and stones, you should definitely see when you are in Athens. But seriously, there really sick buildings in Athens like the national library or the parliament. After that we explored the city by ourselves and had some more delicious Greek food, popular choices were Souvlaki, Gyros or Moussaka.  That evening was the first night where Communique painted the town red. We roamed along the streets looking for pubs and bars to explore but more or less ended up cuddling with the street dogs.

The second day it was time for some educational as well as physical activities. In th morning a group of us visited the University in Athens where they took part in a lecture and got a tour of the University.  Afterwards, the Committee organised a hike upon the Lycabettus Hill, which is a 300m high hill in the middle of the city of Athens. We arrived heavy breathing and panting but the view definitely made up for the 100 of steps we had to climb to get up there. The weather was great, and you were able to see the sea and all across the city.

The day after was what we were all looking forward to, the day we would see the Acropolis. But before that we made a stop at the Olympieion. Afterwards we climbed up the stairs towards the acropolis. Besides the “big building” you can see wherever you are in Athens there is also the Dionisys theatre and the wall around it, with a big gate at the front and the temple of Athena. Sadly, the Parthenonas (the “big building”) itself was “under construction” and a scaffold was built around the front. But it was still really impressive, I mean I just kept thinking about how the people back then got these stones up the hill and managed to put them on top of each other to create such a huge building.

The fourth full day was quite relaxed, in the morning groups were scattered among Athens and the area around, some were chilling at the beach enjoying the nice weather and others took a look at the Digital museum, in the afternoon nearly everyone met at the national garden to relax in the sun, eat a little picnic or join in the scavenger hunt organised by the committee.

On the last day we started our biggest excursion, we travelled to Delphi the home of the Delphi oracle and the temple of Apollo. After a long bus drive, we arrived at the corresponding museum where single statues and artefacts are shown. Afterwards we explored the actual historic site and laid our eyes on the special construction. Sadly, no one saw, or gut struck by the oracle, but it was still very impressive. The day ended with a little exploration of the town of Delphi and a typical Greek dinner with the whole group. After that we made our way back to Athens.

The next morning, we travelled back to the airport flew to Eindhoven and from there travelled to Enschede. Sone with a longer stop in Eindhoven others were home faster.

All in all, I really had a lovely trip, saw some awesome things, like the acropolis or the temple of Zeus and really had a great time. So, thank you to the committee for organising everything, I am already excited for next year!


April - South East Asia

April - South East Asia

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