Alumni - January Edition

This month we interviewed Vivian Wonink for our alumni article. She graduated in August  2017 and followed both the bachelors and masters program here at the University of Twente. She completed the master in Corporate and organizational communication and currently works at the DVEP Energie in Hengelo as a marketing and communications specialist.Performing this job she has two tasks: First, compose and share a detailed market report, which includes what has happened in the energy market with the resellers (Resellers are advisors that inform clients about which energy supplier they need to do business with). Little things such as a sentence from US president Donald Trump can make the dollar less valuable and impact the price of oil. Eventually gas and electricity prices are affected and therefore, impact the energy market. Secondly, a monthly internal newsletter is published in which several standard topics return and one employees is interviewed. This is used to enhance the internal communication and creates an improved work environment (shout-out to module two!). Next to those tasks smaller and bigger projects are also part of her daily working routine as well as the organization of events. Even though she enjoys her work a lot and it gives her plenty of tasks and challenges to face she would enjoy working in a team more but that really seems the only things that could be improved. Regardless of that she enjoys the company of her colleagues a lot which is “ a necessity to be happy with your life, since work is a big part of it”.

Looking back on the study program at the university she liked the fact that the program was very broad. Studying communication sciences hold many different options of what to become open and even gives you the opportunity to not only fulfill the job of one but of many different Jobs combined.

As many other alumni before Vivian she also recommends to do an internship to gain some work experience but most importantly, we should make sure to enjoy our study-life and freedom!


January - North East Asia - Japanese Three Course Meal

January - North East Asia - Japanese Three Course Meal

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December - English Speaking Countries

December - English Speaking Countries

Hohoho, Santa Claus is back in town! That means a lot of cosiness, fun, food and packages (well at least, if you’ve been a good kid ;)...


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